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This island refuge over the years has meant so many things to so many different people. But most of all it is somehow a special place. A sanctuary. A healing place.

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The Endless Chain

The Endless Chain

You and I are part of an endless chain. A sacred community stretching back through the story of our planet to the beginning. It is an unbroken chain called Life.

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This is the Age

This is the Age

This is the time when humankind finally breaks the cycle. It is about new ideas. It is about keeping hope, faith and light alive in spite of terrible and ancient darkness.

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If Only We Could

“Beneath the lines in everything I have written is the secret message that the way we reason and order our world and reality is wrong…it is desperately and fatally flawed.  That we build a world of pieces and parts, never able to imagine and witness the whole…that we are all trapped in a selfish and…

No Place Left to Hide

“I live in a world of fantasy and illusion.  I believe I am in control of my life, and that I can think for myself.  But, nothing could be further from the truth.  Every essence of my life, and every corner of my personal, private world is manipulated, programmed, marketed and controlled by a carefully…

Heaven Help Us All

You can feel it.  So do I.  Deep, deep within us all we sense its stealthy and deadly approach.  Something monstrous this way comes.  We know.  We try to divert ourselves with entertainment and illusions, desperately focusing on our own lives and loved ones. Our leaders are so carefully and skilfully trying to bury us with…

The Deep Abiding Care

“We are led It is common knowledge never stated And always ignored endlessly repudiated. The most precocious of children Slowly and awkwardly we discover only those things that have been so carefully and lovingly buried for us to find. Precious little gems and valuable tools. We stumble on them finally only after an eternal time…

A Far-Off Singing

“…Consciousness projects itself Like a headland into the seas. Headlands acquire sea atmosphere; headlands are poised in the sound of waves, headlands extend in long dreaming lines of shore. From the unknown from the immense and infinite, weaving into consciousness like long fingers of fog through coastal canyons, comes a far-off singing.” Words of the…

Universe: (Italian: Uni-Vertere) “To Turn Into One”

“Man- of all ages and culture- is confronted with the solution of one and the same question: The question of how to overcome separateness, how to achieve union, how to transcend one’s own individual life and find atonement…Whether a carpenter makes a table, or a goldsmith a piece of jewelry, whether the peasant grows his…

Hard to Imagine

“After a million or more years of little change and no potential for anything more advanced than the hunting societies at the close of the Pleistocene, a shift occurred, both to a new economic base and to a new social unit, which within 5,000 years led to the appearance of urban civilization in at least…

Communication: Part 1

We call it communication. And it is vital and precious to us. But it is just a word. And like all words, it symbolizes and secrets something much, much more than we can really postulate. Like an iceberg lumbering in uncharted seas, there is much more lurking in the deep unknown beneath the surface here.…

An Everlasting Itch

“I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote.  I love to sail forbidden seas.” Herman Melville, Moby Dick We are part of a species, a questing life force that has in a journeyed saga that spans ages and dark epochs since the beginning…we overcome, we survive, we simply do not give up.  It is only a…

Crossing the Rubicon

“One day the idea that the universe is always inclining towards perfect UNION without any BETWEEN will seem as simplistically self-evident and patently obvious as the present day accustomed fact that the earth is round now seems to us.  And, more importantly; Unified, “sharing” essences of the future will one day look back upon these…