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This island refuge over the years has meant so many things to so many different people. But most of all it is somehow a special place. A sanctuary. A healing place.

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The Endless Chain

The Endless Chain

You and I are part of an endless chain. A sacred community stretching back through the story of our planet to the beginning. It is an unbroken chain called Life.

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This is the Age

This is the Age

This is the time when humankind finally breaks the cycle. It is about new ideas. It is about keeping hope, faith and light alive in spite of terrible and ancient darkness.

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In the sea of havoc around us today in this stark, wrenching world it is being whispered that nothing will ever be the same. It may be true. And perhaps hidden beneath all the savage devastating horror all of us are struggling to somehow make sense of today… the shattering unbelievable lesson buried beneath it…


It was a time and an age like no other.  The 1960’s.  The worldwide surge of Baby Boomers born in the jubilance following the end of the horror and brutality of a world war, and the escape from decades of austerity, restraint and depression our young life force reached critical mass when we reached adolescence.…

Something New

We need something new to believe in. Something that you and I together can reach for beyond a dark world that grows ever more hopeless. Ever more inhuman. Ever more lost. Something new that has never been imagined or thought of before. Something that will change everything if we can picture it in our minds,…


We call it Universe. It exists all around us, everywhere. It is a flow, a Continuity that is a rhapsody of cyclic, revolving seemingly endless harmony we have spent ages and ages to comprehend. The fulminating wonder each of us call life is part of that sublime, unintelligible flow that is universe. And we have…

One State of Mind

Against all odds Human beings all over this earth today are being stretched to the limits of what we can stand and support and still be strong and fearless for all that we love and hold dear. And each of us long for safety, shelter and security in a world that daily rages away from…

Changing the World

It is true each of us, if we are allowed to live free without fear, believe that we are gifted, blessed…exceptional. That we have intrinsic essential value and that there is something incomparably sacred in the very fabric of our beings. We have not really understood How? or Why? this is so, but each of…

Sharing Life

It is perhaps a foolish thing to be talking about Human Beings “sharing” life in the future in this world today where we can barely CARE for our common basic necessities of life, and we simply cannot seem to stop hurting, hating, torturing, dehumanizing and murdering each other. It is probably foolish, even for someone…

The Truth

The truth is simply this. What we all need to do now. And what is needed to be said is: “Why?” Why? Is our world now disintegrating all around us into terror and hate, savage inhumanity, murder and chaos with all hope and faith for a better, more Human world slipping away from us all?…

Secret Aliens Among Us

As a society we appear to be obsessed with aliens. Spacecraft probes flung out into the far reaches of deep space carry plaques and messages in 55 languages.  “Greetings from Earth.”  “Here we are…stop by anytime.” Arrays of parabolic dishes and sophisticated antennae listen day and night for any signals from deep space.  There are…

A Different Way

Everything we trust and believe to be true, eternal and structured, ordered and safe in this universe is built upon our bastion of modern logical, rational and symbolic thought that founders all meaning and reality for Humankind, now. But as a life force we now are witness to the truth that our logical, supreme, scientific,…